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Legal Aid

Assessment meetings are free for everyone whether you qualify for Legal Aid or are privately paying.

At Devon Family Solutions you will at the initial meeting always be assessed to whether you are eligible for Legal Aid.  This involves an assessment of your capital and income position. The mediator will assess this with you.

If you qualify this means that mediation will be completely free.  You also do not have to repay any costs back to the Legal Aid Agency.  You may also get free advice alongside mediation with your solicitor if you attend a mediation session.

The Legal Aid Agency has decided to fund a first single mediation session for both parties where one person is eligible for Legal Aid but the other person is private.

Should you wish to proceed with mediation after this first funded session, charges will become applicable for the private party from the second mediation session onwards.

Please refer to Legal Aid Agency website for a Legal Aid Calculator or contact us.

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