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Children's Resource Worker

For parents who choose mediation, separate confidential appointments can be offered to your children with a Children's Resource Worker, if both parents and the children wish to make use of this service.

A session with the worker, who is an experienced Child Psychologist, is an opportunity for your child to express how they view their changed life circumstances in a confidential manner.

Why do you need a Children's Resource Worker?

Children's views may be different to those held by either parent, and watching parents separate can be an extremely traumatic time. Children have to deal with a range of emotions such as tears, anger, guilt, fear, bravado and denial. In addition they may tell you each quite different things about the same situation - their love and loyalties to you both will leave them wanting to make clear how much they love each of you.

The role of the child psychologist during the process of your separation is to enable your child to discuss the problems at hand in a safe and confidential environment, without fear of retribution, or indeed of causing pain to either parent.

What are the benefits?

Through the mediation process our Children's Resource Worker provides the mediator and parents with strategies which, in their view, will enable parents to provide more informed support and understanding for their child / children.

This is not therapeutic intervention, but an opportunity for children to put forward their points of view; and children's confidences are always respected. The feedback is only in terms of what could assist the parents to make positive arrangements for their children, and the children of one family can be seen together and/or separately as appropriate.

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