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About Us

Our Mediators, Psychologists and Family Counsellors offer support not only to those going through the Mediation process, but for anyone involved in family legal proceedings in the South West.

Our mediators are either practising family lawyers in senior positions at prominent law firms in the Westcountry, or academics and lecturers. Their knowledge and understanding of the legal and emotional aspects of separation is exceptional.

Our Mediators
All mediators are:

  • Practising family lawyers or academics.

  • Specially trained unbiased professionals.

  • Selected and trained to recognised National and European standards and directly accountable to a national body; FMA or Resolution.

  • Members of the Family Mediation Council Click here to view our Mediators 

  • Our Counsellors We have a number of trained counsellors who can provide confidential advice to people in crisis and experiencing traumatic loss and change.

Our Support Services
Our Psychologists and Family Therapists have extensive experience of working with familes and children.

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